The Warlord Doll is a famed mojo doll. This powerful doll have wind guard that protects the user from range attacks with the boosts of poke and cure. This is a great doll to use for any pirate!

Warlord doll

Warlord Doll

  • Attack 43
  • Abilites: Wind Guard (Rank 3), Poke Boost (+3), Cure Boost (+3)
  • Level: 26
  • Resale Value: 201G
  • Cost: Can only be found in loot


The Warlord Doll up close in detail.

Looting Tips

The Warlord Doll is a famed doll, and there are no cursed dolls; so this can be looted anywhere. Try looting it at a boss or running "Tormenta Laps".