The Viper Blade is a lethal Rare Cursed Blade. It grants the user a Cursed Thunder ability, a powerful Venom Strike skill, to strike the enemy with poison with every slash, and a strong boost to the Endurance Skill.

It has a very powerful Attack of 67, being the most powerful Rare Cursed Sabre, and more powerful than any Famed non-cursed sabres!

Viper Blade
  • Abilities: Cursed Thunder, Venom Strike, Endurance Boost +2.
  • Requires Level 26 Sword.
  • Attack 67
  • Resale: 148 Gold
  • Rare, Cursed Blade, Sabre.


This model is the only Rare Cursed Sabre model, and only has three swords using this model: Plaguefire Blade, and Grave Reaper.