The Dark Mutineer is a Famed Cursed Cutlass of unspeakable power. This mystical instrument of death can turn you into a scary orange ghost and causes you to resist half of the damage of ranged and close-up attacks with its powerful Dark Curse Skill on a devastating Rank Three (and is one only three blades with the skill, the others being the mighty Behemoth Blade, and the monstrous Treachery's End), topped off with a Voodoo D
190px-The Dark mutineer
amage Ability on a powerful Rank Two, and a significant boost to the Brawl Skill (+3).

  • Attack: 85
  • Abilities: Dark Curse Rank 3, Voodoo Damage Rank 2, Brawl Boost +3
  • Class: Famed Cutlass, Cursed
  • Level Required: 30 Sword, Mastered