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i found this on qar

I made this guide to help you find gold. This is a list of plundering tips.


Plundering starts with picking a ship to use.


Sloops are the fastest ships in the Caribbean, but also the smallest. It makes it hard to hit far away.


This are cargo ships not war ships. They have the strongest armor of all ships and hold the most cargo.


Frigates are war ships, they move at a slow speed, but helps when you plain on fighting Bounty hunters.

Using shipsEdit

  • take out the sail first makes then an easy target
  • hit and runs get you good (you'd be greedy for trying this)
  • Gallons are good ships but when it comes to sloop vs. gallon, sloop can get right by gallon because there deck is so high
  • Bigger ships bigger targets.
  • Bigger always doesn't mean better be greedy and take a small crew plundering.
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