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A Loot Pouch is sometimes found after defeating an enemy. It can contain 1-4 items, usually having a Crude, Common, or Rare weapons, clothing, Cheat Cards, or Gold. They are the most common and usually have the

least valuable contents, though, they can have bright clothing. Having they usually have somewhat lacking quality in the form of contents, many Pirates find them as a nuisance and look at them as something stopping them from getting their Legendary Cursed Blade in a Loot Skull Chest, and classify them as "Bad Loot." Loot Pouches are at the very back, followed by the average Loot Chest, the far better quality Loot Skull Chest, and finally, the extremely promising (and rare) Loot Skull. In the rarest cases; A Loot Pouch contains a Famed Weapon. It is unkown if a Legendary can be found in a loot pouch yet.
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