Legendary Weapons are the most powerful (and hardest to find) weapons ever to be seen in the Caribbean.

Lost Sword of El PatronEdit

The 1st Legendary weapon ever in POTCO. It was released with El Patron's Lost weapons. This weapon is easy to find at Dark Heart and Tomas Blanco.

The Lost Sword of El Patron

Silver FreezeEdit

Silver Freeze is the second legendary weapon released,( previously know as Mercer's Blades) is a throwing knives that can freeze a small groups of enemies for a short amount of time.


Credit to POTCO Wiki

Legendary Cursed BladesEdit

This is the three released legendary weapons, After the pirate completes the Story Quest: Raven's Cove|Raven's Cove Story Quest, the five Legendary Cursed Blades, (World Eater Blade, Thunderspine Sword, Behemoth Blade, Blade of the Abyss, and The Emerald Curse) are able to be obtained in loot.

The Emerald Curse
220px-Behemoth Blade