The Guide to Level Up

Levelling is.. well, cool, for many reasons. One, you can receive acess to certain weapons (if you are weapon levelling), you can fight harder bosses which will give you more rep and more loot, and also you can challange others to PvP with more pride! Here's a few tips on how to level up quick.

1. Solo Invasions

You may need a couple or a few more high level people if you are levelling up, but besides wasting all your gold on tonics this is a great way to level up. The game splits up the rep according to the amount of people that participated during the invasion, and it divides according to the server. Recommending servers would draw crowds, but any server that is quiet and inactive will do nicely. Sometimes you can get over 2,000 Notoriety in a single invasion and level up up your sword so that you can use that nice famed that you got but were eager to be the right level requirements.

2. Solo Fights With Higher Levels

You're not going to get anywhere by fighting those pesky level one gravediggers, and same thing with that Thrall Captain who owned you in seconds! You need to fight a level thats one, maybe two, levels higher with the strongest weapon you have. Sometimes this is difficult. However, never fight a boss thats a higher level then you alone. You'll probably get owned. However, if you master one gun and have a decent pistol, I have found that you can take down enemies much higher level than you. Foe example, on my level 34, I can kill a level 45 seabeard in three shots with my Holy Repeater. Now that is the power of leveling up.

3. Quests

Quests can work suprisingly fast for levelling and, before you know it, you may find yourself levelled in notoriety and weapons quickly, depending on what quest you're working on.

4. Fishing

Boring, tiring, monotonous.. But this is the quickest way to level up. Unlimited acess or not! If you do it often enough you will get plently of rep in absolutely no time. It's a gurantee, and if I am wrong, then I can't say that I've mastered fishing yet.