The Dagger of the Dark Idol is an ideal Famed Dagger that has the Voodoo Reflect and drain the enemy health when you attack it and also with a Gouge boost. Some say this mighty dagger is the best in the game, but this is just an opinion, although it has the highest attack of all famed daggers. You must master the Dagger; To use this dagger. Unfortunately, you can't loot this from Foulberto Smasho since it's just a dagger; Most pirates would loot hours and hours jsut for this prized Dagger.

  • Attack: 75
  • Abillites: Voodoo Reflect (Rank 3), Drain Health (Rank 3), Gouge (+3)
  • Level: 30 Dagger, Mastered
  • Resale: 418 Gold
  • Cost: Can only found in loot.
  • Member of the Idol Series.
200px-Dagger E

Credit to the POTCO Wiki.